Welcome to my Heart!

Thanks for browsing to my page on the Internet. You can read more about me on my About page, but I’m an easily side-tracked stay-at-home homeschooling Mom of 4. I love to learn new things. You can tell by my posts that I typically switch from topic to topic, so bear with me. 🙂

Read my blog here.

My Homeschooling page is a collection of thoughts and other things related to homeschooling. I also have many blog posts about our homeschooling adventure. The Homeschooling section includes a page of Copywork Quotes, Free Resources, and Free Unit Studies.

The Genealogy page has links to great online resources, and I also write articles about my journey in the blog.

I have a Homemaking page in the works, but it currently does not have any info. Again, you can look in the blog for some things I’ve started.

Enjoy! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave comments here on the site, or e-mail me. Thanks!

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