Favorite Blogs

Popular Sites – a great resource with free access to various types of records; a lot is available, but there is still much being indexed – you can also register to be an indexer and help others with their research! My new favorite – be sure to check out the Record Search Pilot!

Cyndi’s List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet – great resource; I haven’t fully explored it yet, but I’m getting there – many free resources, but a good deal of information is only available to paid users; one of the most useful tools here is the discussion boards where you may or may not find others looking for your relatives – this site has some neat tools and, again, the discussion forums are one of your best tools here; be sure to check it out though, because they have a cool tool where you can find out which parent a child most resembles! (Totally awesome!)


WeRelate – a user-created genealogy wiki

  • Name Index – this is my name index on WeRelate


Software Sources

Gramps – a great free genealogy program for Linux users (they do have a version for Windows, but it is a little tricky to get running)

Legacy Family Tree Software – a free program from the LDS FamilySearch organization (Windows); free and paid versions are available


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