Domovoi Press

Welcome to my business page!

I am the owner of Domovoi Press – a writing business serving local businesses, as well as online newsletters. Domovoi are Russian house sprites. If you leave an offering for them before going to bed, they will leave you alone. If you don’t honor them, they will wreak havoc on your house and steal your stuff! LOL! I chose “Domovoi” because I felt it honors my family history as well as my belief in all religions.

For samples of my writing, you can download issues of Pagan MoonBeams – a Pagan homeschooling magazine. I am also a new staff writer for The Pagan Household, a Pagan family blog.

I hope, in the near future, to be publishing books and unit studies on Lulu.

Check back often for updates! You can contact me at


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