World Book – Third Grade

Social Studies

  •  Holidays and folk customs
  • Native Americans
  • Explorers and pioneers
  • Appreciation of different cultures, races, religions
  • History and development of local community
  • Community helpers
  • Consumers and producers
  • Sources of food and clothing
  • Shelters of animals and people
  • History and development of transportation
  • History and development of communication
  • Citizenship and social responsibility
  • Basic human needs and wants
  • Local geography and topography
  • U. S. geography and regions
  • The continents
  • Flat maps and globes


  •  Animal helpers
  • Dinosaurs
  • Life cycle
  • Plants and animals of the desert
  • Plants and animals of the sea
  • Common birds, trees, flowers
  • Forest plants
  • Conservation of plants and animals
  • Weather and climate
  • Earth’s changing surface
  • Magnets and electricity
  • Compass
  • Gravity
  • Light and color
  • Energy and its sources
  • Force and work
  • Machines
  • Moon and stars
  • Earth satellites
  • Scientific method and scientific inquiry

Language Arts

  • Silent reading
  • Reading prose and poetry aloud
  • Oral presentations: reporting experiences orally with accuracy
  • Alphabetizing through the third letter of a word
  • Dictionary skills
  • Developing word-attack methods
  • Synonyms, antonyms, homonyms
  • Spelling
  • Beginning cursive writing
  • Concept of paragraph
  • Using period, comma, question mark, apostrophe, quotation marks
  • Writing short, original stories and poems
  • Postwriting skills: editing and proofreading
  • Increasing indexing skills

Health and Safety

  • Care of eyes and ears
  • Dental health
  • Proper balance of activities
  • Healthful leisure activities
  • Prevention and control of diseases
  • Parts of the body
  • Nutrition
  • Health with relation to food, shelter, clothing
  • School and community health services
  • Home safety hazards
  • Safety in the community
  • Simple first aid


  • Reading and writing numbers to 5 places
  • Beginning Roman numerals
  • Rounding numbers
  • Positive and negative numbers in daily life
  • Simple fractions and equivalents
  • Properties of one
  • Numeration systems
  • Addition and subtraction facts to 25
  • Multiplication and division facts to 100
  • Perimeter, area, volume
  • Geometric constructions
  • Similar and congruent figures
  • Properties of solid figures
  • Customary and metric measurement
  • Time to 1- and 5-minute measures
  • Estimation of outcomes
  • Problems-solving analysis
  • Word problems
  • Charts and graphs

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