World Book – Second Grade

Social Studies

* Holidays and festivals
* Patriotic celebrations
* Communities in other lands: past and present
* Family and family history
* Families around the world
* Neighborhoods
* Community services and helpers
* Shelters, stores, and food
* Citizenship and social responsibility
* Interdependence of people
* Basic geography: oceans, continents
* Map skills


* Useful and harmful animals
* Life cycle
* Birds and insects in winter
* Animal babies
* Animal defense of themselves and their young
* Plant and animal food
* Dinosaurs and other extinct animals
* Food chain
* Plant reproduction and growth
* Habitats and homes
* Weather and its effects on earth
* Effects of the seasons on the lives of people, animals, and plants
* Climate
* Water cycle
* Air and atmosphere
* Magnets and forces
* Gravity
* Earth and sky
* Sun, moon, planets
* Simple constellations
* Exploring space
* Scientific method and scientific inquiry


Language Arts

* Reading silently for purpose
* Dramatizations and interpretative or oral reading
* Use and meaning of quotation marks in reading
* Story development: beginning, middle, end
* Simple book reviews
* Listening skills
* Organizing ideas and impressions
* Alphabetizing through second letter of a word
* Using dictionary guide words
* Vocabulary development
* Homonyms, synonyms, antonyms
* Methods of word attack
* Ways to study spelling
* Simple punctuation and capitalization
* Refining manuscript handwriting
* Writing independently in manuscript form
* Brief and simple letters and journals
* Narration, description, letters, poetry
* Increasing skill in handling books: table of contents, and index


Health and Safety

* Personal cleanliness
* Dental hygiene
* Basic food groups
* Communicable diseases
* Preventive measures against disease
* Neighborhood safety


* Counting, reading, writing to 1,000
* Counting by 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, and 10’s
* Ordinal numbers to 10
* Zero as a place holder
* Using sets and number facts
* Addition and subtraction facts to 20
* Basic multiplication and division facts
* Multiplication and division facts as inverse operations
* Multiplication properties of 0 and 1
* Place value through 100’s
* Fractions in daily life
* Decimal numeration system
* Basic concept of ratio
* Geometry puzzles and activities
* Estimation
* Common customary and metric measures of time, weight, length, volume, shape, temperature
* Telling time and using the calendar
* Handling money (coins)
* Problem solving
* Charts and graphs



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