Our School This Year

I’m finding myself in an interesting situation this year. While I will continue homeschooling, I cannot do it as I’ve done in the past. I am able to insist on more independence because they have all officially reached school age (my youngest is 6 and going into first grade). However, I also require more time to focus on my business.

To that end, we will be starting with Math each day, two at a time, then studying unit studies through project learning. While our methods will be a little more strict than this, the kids will choose their own topics and the length and depth of their study. I’m asking them to start with topics of interest from the World Book Typical Course of Study (which is why I’m posting it here), and hopefully I’ll be posting some related unit studies (not a new idea), many of which I hope to be original.

Our project method will be mostly based on this book from Hewitt Homeschooling. While I will be developing my own learning objectives instead of using theirs, I find their method of unit studies to be a great balance between relaxed schooling and the more ordered approach I so desperately crave. (I’m a weird sort and I crave order and spontaneity at the same time).

Please feel free to leave comments and questions as we go along and I’ll try to answer them as they develop. We’ll also be following our local school district calendar for school days, so we should be done pretty early this year – yay!

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