Movie Monday: “Stranger Than Fiction”

Stranger Than FictionIf you’re expecting a witty, slap-stick comedy like The Truman Show, don’t start here. While each of the stars in this film are known for great comedic roles, all of them did well in this mostly-dramatic and imaginative movie. It was quite surprising in it’s very serious message.

The movie starts with Harold Crick going through his normal routine as a rather boring IRS auditor, while a woman narrates his life. He doesn’t seem to notice the narrator until she points out the differences on Wednesday. As Harold lives the differences in the narration, he gets concerned when the voice mentions his imminent death. Looking for help through a colleague at work, a shrink, and finally an English professor, Harold is guided through the process of identifying his author. Meanwhile, we meet an author, Kay Eiffel, who is suffering from writer’s block and is assigned, by her publisher, an assistant who’s mission is to help Kay finish her book. While Harold tries to find his author, he takes a vacation from work, finds love, and learns what his life is about.

While The Truman Show was about “big brother watching” and regaining control of our lives, “Stranger Than Fiction” explores the idea of predestination and living our lives. I fully expected a flat-out comedy considering Will Ferrell’s previous roles. I was honestly pleasantly surprised with his performance in this more serious role. While the premise of the movie is not realistic and generally speaking quite comical, Ferrell did an excellent job in portraying a level of seriousness with his character.

Overall, this movie was good. I don’t typically watch movies twice, but I would watch it again because I believe I can learn more Harold and Kay a second time through.


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