Surname Saturday – Marchenko

According to one source, the surname “Marchenko” has similar roots to such surnames as the Italian “Marconi”, the English “Mark” or “Marke”, the French “Marc” or “Marque”, and various others. In my opinion, this is a very good point as I’ve always been told that it means “Marc’s people” (or “Mar’s”). Upon further research, you can see that Marchenko is a common surname.

Oral history says that in rural Ukraine, where my family is from, surnames were geographical. People were typically referred to by their parents patronymic name within the village, and everyone from a village tended to have the same surname. When young men were ready to be married, they went to the matchmaker who found a young woman from a nearby village and brought them to the new village. It sounds old fashioned, but this was still the practice less than 100 years ago when my great-grandparents were married around 1920.

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This branch of the family comes from Mychnivtsi, Ukraine, near Lubny. My grandfather was taught a “jingle” of how to get home to Mychnivtsi from Luby. I’ll have to post it laster because I don’t have it all right now, but it’s very cute.


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