Eduation Buzzwords: Syllabus

The term syllabus is often used for high school and college courses. In a homeschool setting, it can a more useful tool than any other, even the scope and sequence.

While I’ll cover the scope and sequence in more depth later, I want to compare them here. The scope and sequence is simply a list of topics covered in a course, and their duration. A syllabus, on the other hand, is much more detailed.

For teaching at home, I would use a syllabus to plan the topics, assigned work, and a rough estimate of dates for each topic. I also would outline, in detail, what I expect from student work, and how I would grade the student for that course.

I’ve posted a couple of examples from my own use, so you can see what I mean. I know it looks very intimidating and organized, but it has really helped me focus my teaching, and made my lessons more focused.

Below are some links to templates and articles for syllabus writing. Use your course descriptions from your curriculum and dig deeper. Be clear on what you are teaching and why.

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