Recycled Bags for Sale!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am now selling recycled plastic bag yarn bags over on Etsy!

These are my original patterns, and I love every minute of making them. What do you do with all those shopping bags? You can only use so many as trash can liners! 😀

My favorite bag is probably the Large Hobo Plarn Bag. It’s big and roomy, but easy to carry with the shoulder strap. I’m planning to make it available with short double handles, as well, for those who want to use it as a shopping bag instead of a tote/purse.

While I’m naming favorites, I can’t leave out the Water Bottle Carrier. I started by making them for my kids when we were working on a large garden at my mom’s house. (That was the same year she made the garden hats for the kids, too!) Last year, I made them as party favors for a Luau party my girls had. Everyone was so impressed with them that I’ve tweaked the pattern and improved it. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

I’m also offering $1.00 off for every 25 plastic bags sent to me for recycling. If you can send colors (like blue, green, yellow, etc), you’ll get $2.00 for every 25. Now, I realize that it may not make sense to send me bags from a distance, but if you’re local, why not recycle, and get a discount while you’re at it!


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