Country Lapbook

We had an opportunity in our homeschool group to participate in an International Fair. Families were asked to sign up and choose a country to prepare some information, a dish to share, and some stickers or stamps for “passports.”

I was very excited for the opportunity, and I am so glad we signed up. The event was this past Monday and we had so much fun doing our study! Since we are firmly grounded in our Ukrainian heritage, I chose Ukraine for us. We did a lapbook, my mom had a flag, map, and other trinkets, we made Ukrainian eggs (pysanky), served varenyky (also called periogies), and my youngest was able to wear a semi-traditional Ukrainian costume. I say semi-traditional because it only resembles the official costume. The blouse is a Ukrainian blouse that (I believe) my grandmother made.

We learned phrases in the language (some we already knew), and they learned how to write words in Ukrainian (they use the cyrllic alphabet). Anyway, the template was a great leader for our project! I hope it helps!

(P. S. I’ll add pictures as soon as I load them!)


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