What a Crazy Life…

Things have certainly been crazy around here! We had a snow day over the weekend, and I’ll post pictures about that later.

About three weeks ago, our family van had trouble with the serpentine belt which put it out of commission for about 3 days.

The next week, a hairline crack in the intake manifold of my husband’s car put it out of commission for about 2 weeks. We borrowed my dad’s car in the meantime.

Of course, while DH’s car was out of commission, the battery on the family van died. We swapped batteries until payday, when we bought a new battery.

To top it all off, the kids and I were trading a 24-hour stomach bug and a cold this whole time.

Anyway – all of those things are resolved now, but it adds flavor to the story I’m telling today. 🙂

Last Monday, as we got in the car to go to work, we discovered the van now had a flat tire. No biggie – I’ve changed a couple of flats in my time – but I was not feeling my best and a flat tire was the last thing I needed.

Well, believe it or not, my kids came to the rescue. My oldest two (9 year-old Peanut and 8 year-old Bud) changed the tire completely on their own! They knew where to find the jack and the spare tire. They knew how to jack up the car, which they did on their own, they remember to make sure the parking brake was on, too! Then Bud, with a little help from me on the lug nuts, changed the tire and lowered the car! I didn’t have to do a thing!

I will admit that I’m bragging a little. I am so proud of my kids. But this is also a testament to our homeschooling lifestyle. I often worry that they’re not doing enough reading, or enough science experiments. I want them to be intelligent members of society when they grow up. Well, I have discovered that I certainly don’t have to worry about them being stuck somewhere with a flat tire. As long as they know to keep the spare tire in shape and make sure they have the jack where it belongs, they’ll always be able to take care of it!

By the way, we did later find a nail in the tire which DH patched, then replaced the tire, so we’re good as new!


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