Great genealogy resource

I found a great genealogy resource last week. WeRelate is a genealogy wiki created for family historians and genealogists to collaborate on their family research. It is completely free, which is the best part. Another of my favorite things about it is that you can add and edit information, even on other people’s pages. You watch pages and you can see changes others make, as well.

It’s a little daunting at first, but after some practice and viewing the help files, I’ve been able to do quite a bit. One of the problems with some of the other popular genealogy websites out there is that many times, people upload information that is not correct or not supported with proof. This is a common mistake in genealogy, of course, but with the wiki format, if you have information that relates to another persons page, you can add that information for them.

There are also “fail-safes” in place to prevent the creation of duplicate pages. So, if I created a page for Peter Aumann with wife Anna Jungnickel, and they married in Chicago around 1880, then someone else who tries to create a page for Peter Aumann, the new Peter Aumann page will only be created if the vital facts are different.

Users at WeRelate can also create and edit place pages, source pages, surname pages, and tons of other things. Again, it’s a little slow going at first, but once you get how it all works, it can be a great resource! Check it out today!


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  1. Sakasumi
    Nov 05, 2009 @ 21:08:00

    OH! Good find there, this will be a great addition to my research, and as well as anyone elses too. Good job on finding it!


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