Daily Schedule 2009

I’ve added a page with our current schedule. I’ve worked really hard at this over the years – LOL. Schedules are easy to make, but they’re not so easy to keep.

This is the schedule we’re working on keeping. It’s quite a bit simpler than schedules we’ve made in the past. Although some people argue for a minute-by-minute schedule, we found that we were always racing to keep up with the schedule.

By scheduling blocks of time, instead of strict time assignments, we found that if we got a little behind, we didn’t feel so stressed. Also, by being more general in naming the blocks of time, we didn’t feel that we had to stick to a certain thing, and we could worry more about “putting out fires.”

As much as I would like it to be another way, with four kids hanging around all day, there are always fires to put out!

To see our schedule, you can click on the “Daily Schedule” tab above, or click here.


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