Luau Birthday Party

So, we’re getting ready for Peanut’s & Sweet-Pea’s birthday party this weekend. They requested a Luau theme this year. As usual, Mommy wasn’t on the ball, so we’re having to scrounge for party items. I think I’m doing well, though.

Instead of buying gift bags, I’m making them. The great thing is that they are double-duty! We’re making water-bottle carriers out of plastic bags (from the grocery store). These are for the kids, and they’ll be filled with a couple of party related treats, plus candy! We couldn’t find any leis at the store, but I found these instructions for making them. We tried with crepe paper streamers, but they looked too boxy and not very flower like. I had the brilliant idea of making them out of wider strips of shopping bags, and they are turning out great! When you make plarn for crocheting, you want the strips cut straight across so it’s easier to work. The kids can do this lei project with limited stress because you want the strips bumpy and uneven! The only drawback is that we’re limited to the bags we have on hand, which are mostly white. We ended up using about 5 bags per lei (about 1 yard long for the string). I’ll post pictures after the party.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Cassandra
    May 12, 2011 @ 18:16:14

    Your patterns are great..I have been making totes for a whilebut I never thought about mixing yarn with the plastic..I actually learned about crochet with recycled bags from my daughter’s friend in the peace corps. It was a project she taught the people in her village in Bolivia. Keep those ideas coming.rgery are great.


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