Fun with Math!

My dear son, Bud, is a bubbling ball of energy. He can’t sit still for more than 30 seconds. While he’s good at sitting quietly, he does tend to wiggle a lot. Obviously, seated school work can be a challenge. 🙂

To give him a break, and to make at least one subject a little more exciting, we invented some math games!

First, I took some colored paper and wrote numbers 1-20 on each half sheet. Then I taped the numbers to the carpet with duct tape. Finally, I taped over the papers with packing tape so they wouldn’t get wrinkled. 🙂

When it comes time for math, we drill. I make flashcards of the addition facts we’ve covered, then he jumps on the number of the correct sum. Then we orally work some word problems.Peanut likes the game, too! We’ve even invented Number Twister! Sweetpea and Pumpkin get in on the action. For them, I call out numbers for number recognition. For the older two, I use the flashcards.It really has helped with the wiggles! We even do some Math Aerobics! I came up with some actions for the different addition tables – it’s getting me into shape, too!

Here’s what we do:
1’s facts – squat, squat, arms up
2’s facts – arms up, arms up, squat
3’s facts – hip, hip, hip
4’s facts – twist, twist, twist
5’s facts – stretch to the right, stretch to the left

That’s as far as we’ve gotten on the Math Aerobics!

I’ll have to come up with something new for the multiplication tables, but in the meantime, we’re having fun with this.


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