Crocheted Plarn Mega Tote

Here’s a mega tote I made out of plastic bags. Making the “plarn” out of the plastic bags is easy, and the site where I found this pattern has a great tutorial on how to do that. Here’s the link for the pattern.

I certainly did not expect the bag to be so big! Right now, I’m using it to carry four chess sets to and from our homeschool co-op classes (I’m teaching a chess club this semester). One of the sets is in a regular game board sized cardboard box. The other three are metal boxes, and stacked strategically. My three-year old is holding the handles up. The bag is almost up to her chest! LOL!

I was asked by one of the other moms, who’s teaching a Green Earth class, if I could make some bags for the kids to keep, so I’ll post those once I finish them. I’ve got a pattern in my head, I just have to work it and write it down.

See, I do occasionally create my own things…

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