Starting out for a New Me!

Well, I’ve been very busy lately, so I guess I should start at the beginning.

In December 2007, after my badly broken ankle and after moving to a new state, I decided to get serious about losing weight. I was at my heaviest when I broke my ankle of 225 and being laid up made me appetite smaller, so I was down to 212 when I started this whole thing. I found a few websites for tracking nutrition/calories and fitness activites. I had two favorites at the time: FitDay and SparkPeople. I liked FitDay because you could set your activity level, then add activities you need that ranged from showering, cooking, and carrying groceries, to running, kickboxing, and other popular exercises. It seemed that was what I needed at the time because I was still physically recovering from my ankle and I didn’t do some of those things everyday. I had a lot of days where I was still stuck on the couch from pain and depression.

Unfortunately, becuase I was so busy trying to get back to a normal life, I didn’t stick with either of the websites. When I got on the scale just before Christmas, I hit my all time high of 238. Boy, did that get me down. I had completely forgotten about SparkPeople until I started searching the Internet again just after New Year’s.

So, on January 4th, I started again. I am now back on the wagon and I’m actually exercising this time. I’m very excited. I’ve only lost a couple of pounds, but I have emmersed myself thouroughly into the website. I read articles on a daily basis. I exercise almost daily. I track my food and water intake. And I am beginning to participate in the SparkTeams (or support groups).

I honestly don’t know what’s different this time around, but I am more positive than I’ve ever been about this endeavor. And even with little 10 minute segments of cardio exercise everyday, I am feeling better than I’ve felt in a long time. I hadn’t realized how much my depression had become my status quo. I wholeheartedly recommend this website for anyone trying to lose weight. Even if you’re doing a WeightWatchers program, or something else, SparkPeople will help you along the way.

SparkPeople also has a sister site – SparkRecipes – where you can enter your own recipes and calculate the nutrition information. I’ve done it for our family meals, as well as my usual morning coffee. It makes entering daily things so much easier.

Another free Internet tool that is helpful for me is MapMyFitness. This website allows you to plot different routes and you can figure out how far you are walking, running, or biking. It helped me plot out different routes in my neighborhood so the kids and I can go for walks. We did a 1/2-mile walk today. I thought we’d take about 15 minutes because the kids are little, but they did great and we finished in 12 minutes! I am so proud of them. Once it’s a little easier for us, I’m hoping to tackle the 3/4-mile route I plotted out.
By the way, the image above is Ava Gardner. This picture is one of my vision tools for my quest to a healthier me. I’ve always liked the images from the 50’s, and Ava Gardner is one of my favorites.


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