My New Favorite Tea

I have discovered my new favorite tea for bedtime – peppermint and chamomile. Both are easily available at the grocery store. Now, I prefer the Bigelow brand, because each tea bag is individually wrapped. However, Celestial Seasonings brand is a good quality tea, as well.

Chamomile, is well-known as a calming tea, and helpful for a bedtime tea. Some species of the plant, specifically German Chamomile, grows low to the ground and can be used in place of grass. It is said that you can simply spread the seed and, once it starts growing, the more its trampled, the better it grows. To my knowledge, all species of chamomile can be used the same way. NOTE: Chamomile is in the ragweed family, so if you are allergic to ragweed, please stay away from chamomile.

Peppermint, and any of the mints, are great for indigestion. In some cultures, it was common to serve mint teas immediately after a meal. Peppermint, specifically, is also used for breaking up excess mucus. This is one reason why peppermint was originally used for cold medicines.

When I make the tea, since I don’t have a microwave, I use my super-sized travel coffee mug (about 24 oz.). Pour boiling water over one teabag each of chamomile and peppermint. Sweeten with honey (I use about 2-3 tablespoons) and enjoy! You could certainly pour 2-3 cups of boiling water over the tea bags in a measuring cup and drink one mugful each night, reheating in the microwave as needed.

Different people have different results with this tea. My mom says it makes her feel sleepy. For me and my husband, it doesn’t necessarily send up immediately to bed, but since I’ve been using it (about 10 days now), I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, which is unusual for me. I can honestly say that this is the first time in my adult life that I can remember waking up feeling refreshed.

Another note here… My dad complained that he’s not sleeping well because he wakes up too early. My mom argued that he was waking up earlier because he was sleeping more soundly. I have also had an easier time waking up early in the morning, another unusual experience for me.

I hope you enjoy this tea as much as I do. Please feel free to leave a comment or email me with your results.


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