We make the chocolate!

Last year, my dad started a chocolate business. Several people asked where we got the product from, thinking we only packaged it.
Here’s the scoop. We make it! We don’t process the chocolate; we buy the chocolate in blocks from a chocolate wholesaler. Then, we chop it up, melt it and use it to make our pieces.

This is a picture from the Gift and Gourmet show in Atlanta last January (2008). Our entire product line is here. The tins in front are our new signature piece: CocoJava Bites. Totally awesome! Better than chocolate covered coffee beans! Each bite is made from dark chocolate infused with a special blend of coffee made for us by a local coffee shop.

Where necessary, and possible, we use only locally produced items. For example, our goat milk truffles are made from goat milk produced at a local farm. Our CocoJava Bites use a coffee blend from a local coffee shop.

We now have three different flavors of CocoJava Bites. Our original flavor blends dark chocolate and coffee. Our new Cappuccino flavor blends white chocolate with espresso, with an amazing likeness to whipped Cappuccino. Our Espresso bites use a heavier chocolate that brings out the intense flavor of the espresso. It really is amazing!

The process of tempering the chocolate for molding infuses the chocolate with the coffee flavor. The tempered chocolate is then molded into coffee bean shapes. Once the molded chocolate cures, the trays are twisted, like getting ice out of the trays. It’s that easy!

By the way, the pouches on the left are our drinking chocolate, currently available in two flavors: Mocha and Spiced. It comes in single serving sizes (great for giving in Christmas mugs or stocking stuffers) and multi-serving tins. The boxes in the back are our bon-bon collections. We have over 50 different flavors, and four different collections. Each is described on our website. The boxed product on the right is our Tiger Paws, more commonly known as Turtles. J Since we are in Clemson country, we do our best to support our local Clemson tigers! We also have six different flavors of mint patties, although they don’t seem to be as popular as we thought they’d be. Mint patties are definitely an acquired taste!

We are currently looking for distributors throughout the country! We have had the most success selling wholesale to gift shops and kitchen specialty stores. A lot of our current customers like to put the CocoJava Bites at the register. We also make molded chocolate suckers, although they have not been as successful as our other products. If you are interested in more information about distributing or making a purchase, please e-mail me. You can, of course, make a purchase through our website.

10/16/09 NOTE: When I imported this from my previous blog location, the pictures did not import. All of the products mentioned above, however, can be viewed on our website. We hope to hear from you soon!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. morningstar
    Apr 12, 2008 @ 14:40:00

    Mandi, I am still in awe that you all make chocolate and Ive actually tasted yours! Do you guys send out catalouges or brochures? Or is it all internet? My friend who got the chocolate says she got it as a gift from a relative. Anyway I think it is awesome that you guys have your own business. Blessings, Tina


  2. mandi
    Apr 12, 2008 @ 15:01:00

    Tina, we can send out materials, if need be, but we do prefer to do it by website and telephone. I think I mentioned that we are working on a party plan, would you be interested in that? Mandi


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